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It's Oct 11th so here's a question for you. What would you do if your kid told you they were gay?

((Bulbie: I’ve not answered these questions in aaages, sorry about that. ;u; I’ll try to get back to that someday.. But.. Today I got a rather interesting one. I actually had to ask others about what October 11th had to do with this but wow! I like this question! And after finding out what the day is, I just HAD to answer this one right now! Even if I was supposed to be studying, heh, but I did finish one chapter! 8’D It’s already just barely past midnight here, so it’s not quite the 11th here anymore, but in USA it is! So yay!

Also. Even more fitting this question is because of what Blue and I once talked about when she designed these two. Even if the kids aren’t necessarily canon (Or maybe they will be? Who knows!) I really like the idea of Lulla having a homosexual kid. vuv I dunno why! It just somehow really clicks nicely in my head! But let’s see what he has to say..))


Lullaby: “I really am not sure what to say to this.. I never even came to think of it. But I never have had anything against homosexual people so I do not think I would have any trouble with it. I would think I would be surprised though. But I would not think any less of them for such a trivial reason.. As long as they find love somewhere, in some form!”

((Bulbie: So yep, as you can see.. Lulla would NOT be the kinda guy to shun a kid of his own (Or someone else’s for that matter!) for something like that. His own parents were really accepting of people too so he’s gotten that same view to things too. Of course, I doubt anyone would expect to hear their own kid would be gay, right? So he’d surely be surprised! And depending on how the kid would ‘bring the news’ he would generally accept it really quickly. vuv And yep. I couldn’t resist adding in one of the girls Blue designed for their theoretical kids; looks much better than a genderless, featureless shadow there, right? Also. Pardon the text wall. |D))



I thought I should share some things I’ve collected


I especially like the “Whose voice am I hearing in my mind” thing. :D

Birthday groups~<3



((Bulbie: See the bigger piccie here. But yep, something random I felt like drawing for Lulla’s B-day. Of all the closest friends and then the people who wished him a happy birthday~. … See the better description in the link above. |D *Lazy*))

Lullaby: Thank you all. ;U;



Lullaby: Ah.. It is that time of the year again, is it not..? 24.. That is an awfully large number already.. Oh well, just another nail on the coffin, I guess. I would rather not make a large number of that. … Pun not intended.

((Bulbie: Uh-huh~. It indeed is that day of the year again, mr. Scorpio~. Hah, this one prolly even worse for him than usual, as now he’s not in his early 20s anymore, but rather his mid-20s~. Ohoho, that gotta sting~.

But yep, though he doesn’t care much for his own birthdays, he really doesn’t mind others’~. Only his own B-days annoy him because of all that ‘again a year older, what did I accomplish this time? Nothing? Daaang..’ -stuff. XD

Just a quick doodle for this day~. I have another one planned out too, but I prolly won’t finish it today, if ever. Partially because it’s traditional and I have no access to a scanner in the middle of the night. |D We shall see if I’ll finish it or if it’ll be just a sketch forever..

But, PKMC-friends of his, do feel free to congratulate him in comments here or on DA, good things might happen to those who do~. Ohoho~.))



Lullaby: Haha, siblings? Well, yes. A few.. 7 to be exact. No jokes about my parents, please, I hear those enough already. But yes.. 6 brothers and one sister, and I am the third youngest. All of us became something different, some because they wanted to be different, others because.. They felt like it was a good idea at the time. Everyone was named after a type of music, a habit that my father’s family has had for a longer while, and a habit my mother wished to carry on because of her love for music, even if my father was not too keen on it.

From olderst to youngest: Bolero the Flareon, Prelude the Jolteon, the twins - Requiem the Espeon and Lament the Umbreon, Serenade the Vaporeon, Me - Lullaby the Glaceon, Minuet the Leafeon and the only sister, Song the Eevee.

((Bulbie: There you have it. Took a moment to finish this one, even if it’s flat colour. |DD But I still love group pictures. o3o Maybe you can tell something about their personalities? Because NO, I will NOT start explaining them all. 8’D Because heck, that would be one heck of a wall. @_@’

Oh! And this is something I forgot to mention before, when I posted the picture of young Lulla; They actually WOULD grow that typical-for-some-Eeveelutions fluffy collar, but they actually clip it off because of how badly it would get in the way. Well, in Song’s case it’s for appearance, but say, Prelude. He’s a scientist. Get some nice chemical or something on that collar.. Or when you try to heat up something, eh, fire hazard, much? 8’D The only exceptions are Bolero who actually likes that fluffy thing so much that even his Gijinka self has a fluffy collar on his vest and then Serenade who.. Well.. Ehe, imagine clipping that thing off, it’s not fur, just.. Like.. A fin, it would prolly HURT royally to clip it off. O^O So yep. That is why some of them don’t have the collars even if they should..

End of rant. :U ))


image((Bulbie: First of all, yep, had a little break there for a few days, had so many other things to get drawn that I didn’t really have time nor energy to finish this one, but hey, that’s why I said it’s an ABOUT daily sketch challenge. XD GOSHDANGIT. Cheru and Geir already flew past me. D8< MUST CATCH UP. *Shot*))

Lullaby: My parents’ wishes for my future..? Um.. I must say, I really do not..

((Bulbie: Yes, Lulla doesn’t know. But let’s hear out his parents for real!))

Melody: When he was smaller, Ah kinda wished that he’d become somethin’ that would relate to horses.. He was always so gentle an’ lovin’ ta ‘em after he got used ta tha idea.. Something like a professional dressage rider or a show jumper and maybe even take over the ranch some day.. Hmmm, it would of been nice ta take him ta the competitions an’ everythin’.. *Sighs* He even became quite a splendid rider an’ all but.. He just found passion in somethin’ entirely else. Writin’. But Ah won’t judge him, if that’s what makes him happy, then I’m fine with that.

Nocturne: Ah really don’ wanna set any expectations ta the kids, they do what their heart tells ‘em ta do, and no matter what they find happiness in, they will always be mah boys and girl, yep~. I don’ even wanna push ‘em to anythin’, they gotta find it all by themselves, just like Flare and I did, and we’re both more than happy. If they find something that makes them something people really look up to -like Lament, Lullaby and Serenade, all pretty liked in some form of art- and that makes ‘em happy, that’s all fine an’ dandy. An’ if they turn out ta wish ta be somethin’ less glamorous -like Minuet and Song did- then that’s more than okay too! An’ even in the extreme case that they would become absolutely nothin’, a complete failure who gets nothin’ done, I would of still loved that kid from tha bottom of mah heart, just ‘cause they’re mah little failure~<3 That’s unconditional love for ye~.

((Bulbie: And there you have it! Neither of them ever said this to Lulla straight forward, but they both had their own views. But in the end, they both are fine with Lulla’s decision to become a poet. *Nod* Melody had always a certain idea for what she would have wanted the kids to be, and Nocturne had no expectations what so ever. He was just a spectator, watching what way they would go and not trying to push any ideas onto them. Really laid-back in that sense. |D ))



Lullaby: What did I wish to become as an adult when I was a child? Well, even before I learned to write, I was really fascinated about literature of any kind. I always had my mother read me any pieces of text I could find, from real books through post cards all the way to random slips of paper we happened to get in the mail. Actually, at that time everyone who could write anything was my hero.

Once I learned to read myself, I immediately practically ate up all the novels, poems and such that we happened to have in our bookshelves. I wished to someday be able to write something that meaningful too and started to immediately scribble all kinds of little poems in notebooks. Of course, at the time.. Those poems were based on only rhymes, not meaning, and truly were really bad, haha~. But I did get the basic idea eventually. I started to play with different styles, starting from classical ones and coming to the more modern ones later on, I even did once try making visual poems! Though that turned out being.. Tricky to say the least. Fun, but tricky.

I do admit though.. I did think being a poet, or an author in general, would be more glamorous. Like great artists often portray themselves sitting by a fine table, writing with a feather pen on pretty paper while dressed in fancy clothes. No.. For me at least it is more like this: sitting on a swivel chair in my sleeping clothes and my hair looking like the nest of a Pidgey, hunched over my laptop in a dark room while looking outside and wondering which word would best deliver the message I wish to give.

But still.. I really do not mind how relaxed this work is. No set working times, just as long as I get the work done within the deadlines~.

((Bulbie: Hehe, I kinda forgot that I was supposed to draw what he WISHED to become rather than what he did become, but I think this picture is more fun than having him sit in a baroque-style setting, in fancy clothes and all. Yeah, have more of this more casual kinda Lulla~. And a small peek into his bedroom. It prolly is a bit difficult to make out because of the next-to-non-existent shading, but oh well. :U Yep, his room’s walls would be mostly white, but on the bottom half it would have kind of.. Wood paneling or something. *English fails me tonight* Then you see his room’s white door, a white closet (which would have mirror on the door), a white table and the blue curtains. Aaaand a small pot with a blue-flowered Saint Paulia. ouo

And him in his PJs. >U> Yep. A short sleewed button-up shirt made of some rather shiny, flowy and soft fabric. Silk, perhaps? Of course, it doesn’t look like silk because of the lack of shading, LoL. But I told you these are sketches, so no shading tonight, dohoho~.

That’s all for today. o3o )) 



Lullaby: My earliest memory.. Hmm.. That would be the time when my mother first tried to get me interested in riding. I believe I was 5 or 6 back then. She had decided to let me have the Shiny Ponyta one of her Rapidashes had given birth a couple of years before, but I really was not too keen on the idea. I guess I was having some kind of a ‘masculinity phase’ at the time and kept telling her how I did not want to have a horse or even try riding as it was ‘for girls’. But she still insisted and took me to see the Ponyta. I still was not convinced.

She told me to give the Ponyta a name as he was now mine, wanted it or not. So I just told her to name ‘it’ Stupid Snowhead as I really could not care less. Well, she did not quite name it that, but close enough; she thought Snowhead was indeed quite fitting for the horse because of the small symbol on his forehead and the colour his mane would be when he would evolve.

It only took me.. I believe a few weeks to get used to the idea. At first I was angry at both my mother and the Ponyta, but at some point I figured it was not the horse’s fault if my mother wanted to force me into riding. So I forgave him but still remained angry with my mother. “It is not your fault my mom is a muffinbrain.” I told the Ponyta and with time.. I indeed did grow attached to him. Haha, at first I would always sneak up to the stables to give him carrots, apples and other things I could get my hands on -of course thinking my mother did not notice, even if she indeed did- and all that made the two of us really close.

I was not too fond of the idea of leaving Snowhead behind when I moved to Pokette, but there was no other option. I could not bring a horse all the way here. I really wish I could.. Maybe rent a spot at some stable but.. It would be too complicated. I just have to settle to occasionally visiting my homeland and then having those long riding trips to the mountains, forests and all around the island.

((Bulbie: It says 15, not 75. Handwriting. And there you have it. Lullaby’s little story about his dear Rapidash, Snowhead. Surely, there would be much more to it all, but better not let him ramble it all up there. I actually spent a little more time on this one than I originally intended but.. I couldn’t help it. I just liked the idea so much. ;u; It was nice to draw horses again as I’ve not properly draw them since that one Valentine’s Day collab.

Yes, that would be Lulla’s riding outfit. You may have also seen it in another picture I’ve drawn before, hoho~. Though usually he also would have a helmet and goggles (Hey, Rapidash can run at the speed of a bullet-train, you don’t want a bug in your eye at that speed!) but I guess that this time he was planning to just have a quiet and calm ride, nothing too showy. Just hanging. It would be really kinda cool if we could have pets like that at PKMC. XD Like Lulla said, to ‘rent’ a spot from some random stable, possibly even outside of Pokette, and have Snowhead there, haha. x’3 Oh well. Enough rambling for me.))


imageLullaby: My parents? Well, my father is an Umbreon, Nocturne Noland Concento. He actually used to live in a faraway country and comes from a rather.. Large city. But still he talks like a farmer that he now is. He actually admitted that he picked up the accent from Melody and TV shows, purposefully teaching himself that manner of talking. I truly fail to see why he did that.. And personality-vise, he is indeed quite the confusing character, if you ask me. Most of the time he is EXTREMELY talkative. Though he is what people would call ‘bold’ natured. He has the bad habit of doing or saying things before thinking. And never does he realise if he has said something embarrassing. He just has no sense of shame, I have noticed. But at least that makes him always a really positive person to have around.. I must admit I have never seen him angry..

As for my mother, an Espeon, Melody Lianne Concento. She is quite the opposite of my father. She is quiet to an extreme. Not mute, she just does not use her voice too much. But when she does, you can clearly hear she was raised on the countryside, like me. She may seem like a fragile little flower, but she is anything but. She is really the head of the family. My father just has learned to read her so perfectly that no one else can see how much exactly she affects us all. She really loves cartoons and music and even is behind the first names of me and all my siblings. She also raises Rapidashes and has done it for many, many years. I still am quite honoured how she actually gave me the only shiny Ponyta she has gotten to date. I still do not understand why she did that.. But other than all this.. Even if she is my mother.. I must admit I really do not know too much about her. Not of her family, history, nothing. She just never wishes to talk about it. I only know what I have seen myself as I have grown up around her. But maybe I need not know everything?

((Bulbie: And there you have the first part of the sketch project. I would love any comments on what people think of this idea, good or bad? ;u; Hopefully you won’t mind me ‘spamming’ too much, if once a day or so is spamming. |D ))

Lullaby: And now, miss. Bulbie, you really need to get off the computer. It is 3 am..

((Yes mother. » Just a few songs.))

The about-daily sketch challenge

((Reposting this here. VuV This project is currently in ice, but I’m hoping to resume it whenever I have more time.


((Bulbie: FIRST OF ALL. This list of questions was stolen from the blog ‘DailyCharacterDevelopment’ ( and I TRIED reblogging the said post, but for some weird reason it came out looking REALLY strange (It did say it’s a forum post but.. Bulbie is not good with Tumblr and has no idea how not to have eash line in a separate ‘box’ thing. 8I So yes, check it from that blog if you wish.

Or then teach me how to reblog that stuff properly.. Either way.))

1. Who are their parents? Biologically and socially.:
2. What is their earliest memory?:
3. What did they want to be when they grew up?:
4. What did/do their parents want them to be?:
5. Do they have siblings? Older or younger? Brothers or sisters?:
6. Do they have or have they ever had children? How many?:
7. Do they or have ever had a significant other? Are they still with them? Why? Why not?:
8. What were they doing right before the story starts?:
9. Up until now, what’s the most noteworthy thing they’ve done? To them? To the people around them?: 
10. What was their education like?:
11. What’s your character’s favourite colour?:
12. Do they/would they choose to wear a scent? What would it be?:
13. Do they care about what things look like? All things, or only some?:
14. What’s their favourite ice cream flavour?:
15. Are they a tea, or coffee drinker? Or soft drinks, or do they drink a lot of alcohol? What kind?: 
16. What kind of books do they read? What TV shows and movies do they watch?:
17. What kind of music do they like? Do they like music at all?:
18. If they were about to die, what would they have as their last meal?:
19. Are they hedonistic? In all cases? Or does practicality sometimes/always/often win out?:
20. Do they have any philias or phobias?:
21. Do they have an internal or an external moral code? (Internal would be a something that they’ve come up with for themselves, external would be something they’ve had handed to them. 22. Many religious people will have an external moral code, for example.):
23. To what extent are their actions dictated by this code?:
24. Do they believe in a God or Gods/Goddesses/Higher being of some description?:
25. Are they superstitious?:
26. Do they value faith/instinct more highly than reason?:
27. Do they believe in an afterlife? If so, what’s it like?:
28. Do they have any specific beliefs that manifest obviously?:
29. Are the respectful of the beliefs of others? To what extent?:
30. Have they ever had to stand up to criticism for being religious? Or not being religious?:
31. Would they be more likely to act for the good of the one, or the good of the many?:
32. Do they make friends easily?:
33. Do they have a best friend?:
34. Can they get people to do what they want them to? If so, how?:
35. Do they have a lot of romantic relationships? Serious, or short term?:
36. Do they fall in and out of love easily?:
37. Do strangers and acquaintances actually like them when they meet?:
38. Do they have a network?:
39. What is their relationship like with their family?:
40. Are they still in touch with non-family people they were in touch with a year ago? Five years? Ten? More?:
41. Do they like children? Do they want children of their own?:
42. How does this character dress? How would they choose to dress, if all options were open to them?:
43. Do they have any tattoos? What do they mean?:
44. Do they have piercings? How many? Is this culturally appropriate for them?:
45. Do they have scars? Where did they come from?:
46. Do they alter their appearance in some way on a regular basis?:
47. Is there something they’d choose to change about their appearance if they had the opportunity to?:
48. Is there something about their appearance they’re particularly proud of/happy with?:
49. Objectively, are they physically attractive? Fairly plain? Unattractive?:
50. Do they have an accurate mental picture and opinion of their physical appearance?:
51. How much time do they spend thinking about their physical appearance?:
52. Can they navigate their own local area without getting lost? To what degree?:
53. Do they know who the top politician or monarch is where they live? What about elsewhere?:
54. Do they know if/where there are any major conflicts going on right now?:
55. Do they know the composition of water?:
56. Do they know how to eat a pomegranate?:
57. Are they good with the technology available to them? Average? Completely hopeless?:
58. Could they paint a house? Without making a mess of it?:
59. Could they bake a cake? Would you eat it if they did?:
60. Do they know how to perform basic maintenance on the common mode of transportation?:
61. Do they know the price of a loaf of bread?:
62. Do they have a specific qualification in a narrow area?:
63. Is there something they do or know exceptionally well that most other people don’t?:
64. Do people often comment on a particular skill or area of knowledge to this character? Behind their back?:
65. Is there an area this character could be considered top of their field or a genius in?:
66. Have they deliberately sought to gain knowledge in a specific area? If so, why?:
67. Do they speak more than one language? More than two? Why?:
68. Does their cultural background effect what they would be expected to know?:
69. Have they ever been publicly acknowledged for being well-versed in something?:
70. Have they ever been bullied for knowing a lot about something?:
71. Do they actively seek new knowledge, or let it come to them naturally?:
72. What if they’d been born with a different biological sex?:
73. What if they’d have more or less siblings?:
74. What if a key formative event in their past had gone differently?:
75. What if they lost a limb? (Would which limb be important?):
76. What if someone close to them died unexpectedly?:
77. What if they’d been born 50 years earlier? 100 years? 1000?:
78. What if they’d done something completely different on the morning when the story starts?:
79. What if they found enough money to make them wealthy for the rest of their life in a bag?:
80. What if they were stranded and deserted?:
81. What if they were betrayed by someone they trusted?:
82. What did they have for breakfast this morning?:
83. What ridiculous belief/s did they have as a child?:
84. Do they like marshmallows?:
85. Do they sleep on their side, front, or back?:
86. Do they work better with sound or silence?:
87. Do they have a strange obsession with something minor?:
88. Do they like art?:
89. How fast can they run?:
90. Do they prefer to sit on the floor or on a chair?:
91. What do they want, right now?:


((Bulbie: No, this questionnaire was not meant to be filled out quite this way, but since I’m more of a drawer than a writer (Yes, I store clothes too.) I felt like this would be more interesting for me. But I ALLY didn’t want to draw them all in one go. SO I slapped numbers next to them and now I will at least TrY (Why won’t my computer let me type a capital r? What the heck? I’m not even kidding! Oh well..) to draw one SKeTCH (Oh Arceus, it won’t let me do a capital e either!) a day or so. Yes, or so. Because sometimes I ALLY have to work on something else and don’t have to even whip up a random quick sketch or then I don’t have computer access, you never know! So that’s why it’s ‘about daily’. We shall see how that’ll go. 
I’m not sure how detailed the said sketches will be nor if I’ll colour them or not, but I’m not planning to spend too much time on them.
And I just realized it wrote ‘ally’ instead of ‘really’ up there. Okay, my computer is officially nuts.
No. I’ve not yet read through these questions so I have no idea what I’m getting myself into here. |D But no matter what there will be, I’ll keep it to PG-13. Though I don’t think any of those questions will go beyond that anyways.

But no worries! I’ll still answer them asks as they come. (It’s not like I even have more than 5 of those anyways ATM, LoL.) This is just a little sketch project that I hope will help me improve my sketching style to something less messy~. … Sorry in advance for all the spam. |’D
I already finished the first one. So I’ll upload it shortly. o/ 

And do feel free to steal the idea if you’re feeling really nuts like I am. 8U ))

Lullaby: Oh wow, miss. Bulbie is feeling rather bold tonight if I may say.. Well.. Hopefully she will not kill herself with this. *Hush hushes his creator off the computer so she would get some shut eye, but sadly, in vain for now*